Diamond Geezer Title
A Diamond Geezer (f. Diamond Geezerette, dim. Diamond Nipper) is a Harlequins supporter that sports the most fashionable piece of clothing seen - the famous Diamond Geezer trews.

The 'diamond' part of the name not only comes from the lovely Harlequin diamond pattern on the trews it also comes from the use of the word as a part of the term 'diamond in the rough' meaning one having exceptionally good qualities or the potential for greatness but lacking polish and refinement.

The 'geezer' part of the name is a slang term that comes from a corruption of guiser (a masquerader or disguised person) and means an eccentric old man (or woman).

So a Diamond Geezer is a Quins supporter that wears bright trousers, has good qualities, is eccentric and lacks refinement - a pretty good description of most of us!

The DGs are generally found in the bar in the East Stand Bar (aka Fortress Geezer) at The Stoop, and are a pretty friendly bunch even if they are quite offensive to the eye, so why not buy us a drink or sing us a song next time you see us.

The DG motto is primus inire, ultimus exire (first in, last out).

How to tell if you are a Diamond Geezer

Anatomy of a Geezer