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Sounds from The Stoop

The Stoop has often been seen as a very quiet and reserved venue with more noise coming from champagne corks being popped and from glasses clinking than from the fans, but in the last few seasons it has been changing radically - especially since the Diamond Geezers appeared.

The standard chant has been "Come on you Quins" or "Come on you Quinsaaaaaahh" to a slow tempo dirge.

The European chant tends to be "Harlequins <clap> <clap> <clap>" with the claps being changed for bangs if AJB is there with is drum (which is currently out of action due to a split skin - very nasty), or changed for honks if Melvin is there with his fabled and magnificent "horned helmet"!

The latest addition to the singing has come about with the change of Burke's kicking music. Now when Burke kicks successfully (when does he not?) they play the tune "I love you baby" which is Geezerfied to :

"We love you Burkey,
And that kick's alright,
We love you Burkey,
And if we win tonight,
We love you Burkey,
Trust in me when I say...etc"
(The original version)

The verse of Quinn the Eskimo ("Come all without, come all within you'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn") has been suggested as an alternative chant and was one positive to come from the away game at Bath. The full lyrics are here and sound files are here.

The new section of Geezer standards (songs about Quins players and staff) has just been updated on the lyrics page which includes Copacabana by Steevo.

Other chants have included:

  • "When the Quins come marching in" (sung at Franklin's Gardens which might have confused the Northampton supporters)
  • "Diamond Geezers, see our trousers, Diamond Geezers, come on Quins" to the tune of "Bob the Builder" has been heard a few times and points to the level of maturity of the average DG!
  • "Hey hey we're the Geezers, people say we Geezer around but we're too busy drinking to put anybody down" (to the tune of "Hey hey we're The Monkees") was heard a number of times in Limerick and has potential.
  • When the referee or touch judge has made a wrong decision (apparently it can happen!) a chant of "Lander, Lander" has been heard, this should be done in a dirge with an ironic look on one's face. An alternative chant is "The referee's a Lander".

The unofficial Diamond Geezer song is Dock of the Bay the singing of which is normally lead by Terry (if you want to know why Dock of the Bay is always sung you should ask Terry). An alternative seems to be "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers this is probably due to the marvelous rendition of it performed by The Melody Fakers - Harlequins favourite band - in the East Stand Bar after a number of games.

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