Diamond Geezer Title
Sadly the trousers sported by the Diamond Geezers aren't in the official colours of Harlequins which are: Magenta, French Grey, Chocolate Brown, Light Blue, Black and Light Green, but even so the trousers are proudly sported by the DGs.

DG TrewsThe trousers are in reality chefs trousers, although we are sure there are more rugby fans wearing them than chefs!

Some of the Geezerettes have complained that they make their bums look big but after extensive research by Geezers (such as RobShew) it has been decided that their bums look the same size whatever they are wearing, so there is no excuse for not getting a pair.

From the Geezers point of view, even if your posterior looks bigger it may distract the eye from the near ubiquitous paunch (which has been suggested is caused by eating and drinking too much but which is obviously caused by the rugby shirts which are made too small and shrink around the midrif even further over time).